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By johnboat
One day I tried to re enter my Hobie PA14 while safely at the dock. Good to practice this at least once, right in case you fall over? I found I am too old and weak in the upper body to just grab at the stern and drag my heavy self back in. But while in the water, I noticed the half inch mooring line I leave attached to the rear handle. I pulled the line out and tied a loop maybe 2 feet long with both ends attached to the rear handle. I then put one foot in the loop, stood on it and easily climbed back in. I'm probably not the only person who has tried this.

I made my own using 4" pvc for ladders rungs and made a three rung ladder to use like this video. I keep it in my front hatch and if I need it I can access the hatch upside down by not undoing both hatch bungees. It's better to leave it out and attached to the kayak for better safety and ease. Anything to assist will make it easier and safer.

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