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By johnboat

I just bought one for my Hobie PA14. As with all Hobie accessories, it is not cheap, but IMO way better than aftermarket substitutes. It is beautiful canvas on blue anodized metal poles. Bungee jointed like tent poles. Main pole fits in front hole in most Hobie pedal kayaks. I'll review after I use it.
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By johnboat
Well I tested it this weekend. It worked very well especially mid morning and mid afternoon. Just like a t-top on a motor boat it let the breeze get to you and kept the sun off of you. Those high sun times were enjoyable when before I would not go out due to the heat. The front pole of course made casting a little more difficult because you had to decide to cast right or left more carefully. Its pretty simple to put up and down but not so easy that you would want to do it many times while on the water. On a long outing you would put it up when the sun got hot and down hours later if you stayed out all day. For my test I left it up the whole weekend even tied up at night. A little sail effect in a stiff breeze, but nothing the PA14 couldn't handle. I tested but didn't really need the quick overhead pivot that partially collapses/sluffs the top if a gust comes up. The angle change fitting allowed maybe 15 degrees left or right tilt when needed to add a little more shade on one side. All in all I would buy it again and wish Hobie had it a couple of years ago.
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