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By vinnyv99
Hello,I have a question looking for help with traveling with my kayak. I have a 40 ft fifth wheel trailer. That I pull with a ford dually. I have an Acend fs128t.lioking on suggestion on how to take it with me since the fifth wheel takes most of the back of my truck. Any suggestion would be appreciated
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By Kirk B.
That's one of the reasons I went with a bumper pull. (I know, that don't help, lol) Maybe something similar to this? Hang it out over the cab?Image

Kirk B.
By Tombo
I have seen kayaks stored on top and on the back of the fifth wheel, neither was easy to load/unload. There are racks to haul ladders and stuff for hauling over the cab but then you are stuck with it when not hauling your RV. In the past when we had a fifth wheel, we had some foam filled bunks designed to haul a kayak on top of your vehicle. The straps would go around the inside of your cab to secure the bunks and another set to secure your kayak. I would also add another set of straps/rope to secure the bow and stern of the kayak. When not in use, they are easily removed and installed.
I have a set just in case there is a need for them. If I can find them, you are welcome to the bunks.
By vinnyv99
I have seen putting them on top of the trailer. But to be honest I am not a spring chicken any more and to get that 100 lb kayak on top of the trailer would be a chore. i have also thought about putting it over the roof of my truck and havent counted that option out yet . I guess i would need some type of rack system to secure it down
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By Kirk B.
I built the rack in the pick above out of 3 inch PVC pipe and fittings. It took about an hour, once I had all of the fittings. I've since bought a removable rack setup from Northern Tool. I think I'm going to cut the PVC one up to use as rollers on the steel rack. That should make it easier to load my 70 some odd pound Jackson Cuda 12.

Kirk B.
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By TexasJim
I have seen one and two kayaks carried on trucks, with fifth wheel trailers. They build a vertical support from the truck front bumper up to hold the front of the kayak(s) and let the stern(s) sit on the truck cab roof, with or without a crossbar (or a pool noodle).

You would probably be limited to 12-foot or so kayaks, unless you had a double cab truck, or let a lot of the bow extend forward of the truck. I remember seeing a guy that had two Wilderness Tarpon 120's on his rig, and a fifth-wheel behind.

As they used to say: "There's nothing to it, but to do it". Go for it! TexasJim
By Bow-Yak
This is my fix to the situation of fifth wheel RV.
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Kayak 1.jpg
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By texnomad
I am an eleven year full timing RV traveler so I will answer your question from the RVer stand point. From what I have seen in operation loading and unloading and going down the road all over the USA , the only really satisfactory and safe way with a fiver is a full rack over the truck to the front bumper similar to what Rfox has above. I do not tow a fiver myself.
By hipshot
Look at the US Racks Fifth Wheel Rack. It's not cheap, but it works well. I have a used one for sale for $200. PM me a number and I'll text you some photos of it hauling the yaks and my fiver. Since I use a Soloskiff now (hauled on a trailer) I don't need the rack any more.
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