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By mainbutter
It's that time of year when, deep in the wintery lulls, new toys arrive to gather dust until the spring thaw comes.

This year, one of those toys for me is a Lowrance Hook 5 fish finder/GPS! I'm pretty stoked, as I've never owned a fish finder before, but now need to figure out 1) how to use the thing and 2) how to get it all rigged up.

I'll be using it with my Ocean Kayak Prowler Angler 13.

I'm going to mount the unit on a Ram ball swivel on the center "console" area right in front of where I sit. I have the battery in a waterproof battery case with waterproof connections, and will probably stow the battery inside the yak, and drill a small hole for the power cord to go through.

Now my dilemma is how to mount the transducer. I know my yak has a molded "transducer compatible scupper", but don't really understand how the transducer is supposed to stay in place, rather than just dangling by its connection cable.

My Hook 5 comes with with the "Mid/High DownScan Imaging HDI Transducer", if there are different shapes to transducers.

Any thoughts, tips, or tricks that I could consider for good transducer mounting options? Thanks for any advice!
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By kickingback
I use the portable transducer arm that uses tracks to mount on my Hobie PA. This allows me to take the unit and the transducer off to store elsewhere. It hangs over the side near my front hatch and it is a side imaging transducer so I have it well in front of my mirage drive to get both side scans. I can raise and lower it as needed but I never have to raise it until I get to the ramp pulling in nose first. A non side imaging transducer can be mounted inside the kayak using epoxy or Goop but you have to make sure there are no bubbles in the liquid before it sets or the transducer will read the bubbles and not work right.
Did your Hook 5 come with the scupper mount for the transducer? My hook 7 and elite 5 both came with one. I haven't used it yet since I plan on buying a new kayak 1st and currently have both mounted on my PB but it looks like it would work well if your prowler has the recessed scupper for a transducer.
By mainbutter
Thanks for the suggestions!

I've been reading that scupper-mounted transducers might not be a great idea when beaching a kayak on various terrain and am intrigued by the over-the-side transducer arm mounts.

Any considerations for how far forward I should place the transducer arm, I assume I should be careful of my paddle stroke's path into and through the water?
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By kickingback
Are you asking about the "through the scupper" arm or an over the side arm? If you are using the scuppers then use one that is closest to the wires to ease installation. If you have SI then you need to make sure that nothing is to the side of the transducer at least 3" in front and 3" behind. This will ensure the side beam is not blocked.
If you are placing an arm over the side the same applies.
By TG05
I use a Mad Frog Liberator arm, it folds up easily. I originally had a YakAttack arm, but it is thicker, produces more drag, and doesn't easily fold up and out of the water. If mounted on a track, you can adjust the position of the transducer so it's not in the way when paddling.
Mad Frog transducer arm1.jpg
Mad Frog transducer arm3.jpg
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By Chubs
I too am trying to figure out how to mount my transducer in my Heritage Redfish 12.
I got a Hummingbird 197c with Down Imaging from gander mountain just before they went out of business, got it for like 1/2 off :)

Anyway, I've never mounted it. I saw a few options:
Cut out a foam insert, glue the insert to the inside of your hull with marine goop; and then make a pool of either - marine goop, silicone, or Vaseline and push the transducer down into the cutout.
I worry though that it might fall off because I flip my kayak over every trip to clean the inside of salt water that inevitably finds it way in.

I didn't know about transducer arms. For those that have them; how do you like them? Do you find your transducer losing contact with the water a lot? Also do you end up running the transducer aground a lot in shallow water? Not that you could even use a FF in shallow...
The inside hull seems to have the advantage of not having to worry about running it aground; but I hear the temperature reading isn't as accurate (but just how much does it differ?), and sometimes they can come lose.

I figure I'll do the inside hull with the foam, but put it in with Vaseline or Silicone for now - probably work out a way to keep it all in place for when I flip it over too. I assume DI works from inside the hull. The marine goop I hear can fall lose at the wrong time and you have no signal at that point. Vaseline you just push it down again and are good to go.
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By kickingback
If you mount it inside and use the Goop or other substance to secure it make sure there are NO BUBBLES in the goop. It will ruin your scan as you will have the bubbles all the time on your graph. Not good.
AS for the arm over the side I find it easiest to put on and take off easily. I put mine on and "tilt" it out of the water until I launch. I then put it all the way down. Very easy. It is flexible and will bend if you bottom out. I leave mine down all the way until I recover and tilt it up to recover fully. I then just unscrew the scotty rail attachment from my rail guides and stow it and the sonar away. No wires left hanging on the kayak and the until can be used on my other kayak or Jon boat if needed. That is the best of the arm. The transducer is not "cemented" to the kayak never to be used on another kayak, not to mention if you ever decide to sell or change your unit manufacturer and need to change the cemented transducer.
Anyone have any thoughts on mounting a skimmer transducer to the bottom of a rudder? It seems like it would work the same as an arm. I guess it might cause a little drag to the rudder but I wouldn't think a skimmer type would throw tracking off enough to tell. It would require running the cable up the rudder and would have to figure out how to do that and keep the wire inline with the back edge so it didn't throw tracking off or maybe attach transducer to the rear edge just below waterline so cable is not so much an issue. I think it could be done. Anyone have any other pros or cons to doing this?

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