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By killjug
I have an old hummingbird Parana fish finder and want to upgrade but don't want to spend more than $200. Can anyone give me a recommendation for one that fits this criteria? I have no brand loyalty at this point. I am buying a sea ghost 130 later this year so that is what I will be mounting it on.
By Gholds
What do you do for the power supply? Iv been wanting to put that lowrance fishfinder on my paddleboard lately but i cant think of a good power supply set up
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By Kirk B.
7 mAh battery in a project enclosure. The power connection is SAE, so I just plug the trickle charger in the same place I plug in my fish finder.
My fish finder draws less than 1 amp, so I put a 1 amp fuse in line to protect it.
I can run most of a week without needing a recharge.Image

Kirk B.


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