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By Dc1211
So I purchased a 3.3x5 utility trailer from Lowe’s and have plans to make it into a kayak trailer.

1st thing I think I need to do is extend the tongue so that the kayaked won’t hit my tailgate.

I’m getting some advice that if I extend the tongue it will make the trailer sway and be unsafe. And I would only be able to go about 50 mph.
I’ve seen many examples of trailers on here with much longer tongues than I’m planning on getting so I would love to here some advice from y’all.
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By kickingback
Take it to a local welding shop and have them add extra length on tongue. It should not effect the trailer as the length is not a factor when towing. The only issues would be turning and backing up where you may have to compensate for the extra length.
I added a 2' section to my HF trailer and no issues. It cost me $30 at a local shop.
By rockin4m
the only thing that will make it sway is the way you load the kayak. just have it balanced. centered over the trailer axle.
By hipshot
Extending the tongue won't make it sway; it may actually help it track straighter -- if it's done properly. I've done it before. If you want to save some money you can buy the materials and bring it to my place in New Caney; we can do the welding ( and any drilling / bolting / spell-casting chants required) here. We'd just need to work it into both our schedules; I'm off Mon/Tue and work extended hours on weekends. PM me if you're interested.
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By Dc1211
Thanks for the comments guys. I’m a Coach/ teacher so I’ve got our welding teacher doing the work for me.
I don’t have any experience with trailers so y’all helped a lot.
By Tombo
Rule of thumb, have about 10% of the weight on the hitch. Too little and any trailer will sway.
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By OrangeQuest
Tombo wrote:Rule of thumb, have about 10% of the weight on the hitch. Too little and any trailer will sway.

This rule also helps it not bounce quiet so much.
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