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I have a pole barn type metal building RV / car port. I would like to have a pulley lift system to raise and lower it off my truck rack. I'm open for ideas. I could attach an eye bolt or two to the Z purlins . I'm just trying to decide how to keep it from swinging around with the wind. 1 cable or 2? I carry it upside down on the truck bed rack so If I could just back under the lift to load / unload it, that would be ideal. It is a Jackson Mayfly and it weighs 90+ Lbs.

Thanks for any help.
By txdbltap
+1 on the RAD kit from Amazon. I have my Seaghost and her Lure hanging in a pair of these under a metal roof (previous owner had it as part of dog kennels)

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Looks like the RAD kit may work me. My biggest hurdle is it's about 16' up to the metal roof purlin that it will hang from. It will arrive tomorrow so maybe I can install it this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation.
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By Chubs
If you only use the kayak once a month or longer, what is the risk of warping?

How do people design their systems to eliminate that possibility?

I was thinking a lift kit tied to a pallet of sorts. My kayak manf recommends storing the kayak on a flat surface (heritage).

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