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By pearlbeer
I'm apparently hell on kayak/fishing shoes. I go through them faster than a cooler of beer on a hot day.

Looking for a good pair of tough shoes. I tend to do a lot of hiking, scrambling, stepping in waist deep mud, hopping on limestone and wading through god-knows-what.

Looking for suggestions for a tough pair of shoes that won't slip off, stay somewhat dry and have good support and traction. I don't want a good 'tennis-shoe type water shoe'...I want the RedWing Work boot of water shoe.

Looking at HUK Shoes, NRS, Simms...any experience?
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By smokedcuda
Have had the grey zip up Simms for a coupe years and they are awesome. Like a neoprene type material top, and a heavy rubber type foot and sole. The rubber is particularly thick over the toes so when you kick shell, rock etc its barely noticeable. Head up, they run a bit small it seemed to me, I had to get about a size larger than I typically wear in regular foot wear.
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By shoffer
Just bought some sweet wading boots from Academy that are superlight weight. Softscience is the brand.
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10797261.jpg (22.58 KiB) Viewed 2058 times
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By TKFStubb
I prefer some good, comfortable Sandles like Teva for hard bottom adventures and cheap, shin high, wading boots for muddy, slimey, areas. I really hate those booty tan lines, tho.
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By Ron Mc
I like shoes that keep mud out, and also drain, which zip booties don't.
I'm still getting by on my last pair of (discontinued) Keen Hood River boots, and e-mail them about every 6 months asking them to reintroduce them for kayak/wade/hike.
IMO, these are the best kayak/wade/hike shoes ever made by anyone.

My backups, which work for my narrow feet, and may not work for your wide ones, 5Ten Water Tennies with lycra scuba socks.
IMO, sandals are the worst, because you're constantly fighting gravel and shell stuck in all the worst places.
While canyoneering boots looks good on paper, most are too large to fit in a kayak footwell.

My best river hike/wet-wade boots are NB OTB Abyss II boots, claimed to be designed for Navy Seals, also need lycra scuba socks and also, unfortunately, discontinued. There are still a few odds and ends out there, and they turn up on ebay if you can find your size. These are a little large for a kayak footwell, but super lightweight, extremely durable, sticky in the worst situations, and drain through the soles.
https://www.ebay.com/i/172937124307?chn ... 1700897919
https://www.amazon.com/New-Balance-Abys ... B00C66CTKA
A good place to shop for amphibious shoe designs is NRS.

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