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By yippee
Hello all. I'm looking at kayaks and looking to purchase one once I get the money saved up for it. I was looking at the Wilderness Systems Ride 115. I know in the past they have offered the Ride series kayaks with the AirPro Max seat, but now I can only find them with the AirPro Freedom Elite seat - which doesn't look as comfy, and doesn't have the options for the lower and higher seat positions.

I am wanting to know if the AirPro Max seat will still fit in the 2017 Rides without any issues?
By yippee
Thanks for the recommendation. I actually contacted a store that is local to me about it. They did confirm the previous model's Max seat will fit the 2017 model. I may contact ACK just to confirm. I guess that's a wrap on that one, just figured I would report back with the answer in case anybody else is looking for the answer at a later date.
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