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Hi All.
Haven't kept up with the kayak world so thought I would ask here which kayaks have the wheel in keel. So far I have found Moken and Native.
Thank you
By quigly7777
Feel Free Lures have the wheel in the keel. I have one but do find it is not easy to control, small grip in front. I will either use a cart of modify to a dual wheel.
By jonjmills
I have the 12.5 Moken and the wheel is great if you only need to move 10-20 feet at a time. If your loaded out and need to move any distance further than that, it gets heavy real quick.

I have a small kayak cart now that I use to roll the yak 400 feet from storage to launch. I can then take the wheels off the cart and stow it in the front hatch while out.
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By Fin-Addict
I paddle a Native Slayer 14.5 and I modified mine for two wheels which makes it way more stable. It used to make alot of noise from the current/waves slapping the wheels back and forth but a few thick rubber washers fixed that
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