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By JimD
Buddy on 2 cool showed me his simple gigging light several years ago.
It is not fancy like the multiple LED hand held lights that a lot of people are making now but this light is quick and easy to make.
Harbor Light Pond light in 20 watt halogen light Item #47604
Sale: $12.99 this was 9.$75 last week.

All parts in 3/4 pvc thick wall

1- 3/4" 10' stick heavy pvc
2 end caps
1 tee
1 45 degree elbow coupling
1 part 2466 which is a 3/4 to 2 inch coupling
4 small screws and smaller drill bit and motor to drill holes so the light.

All the pvc lengths need to be cut to fit you for when you walk the light is at the right length for you
4 PARTS 3/4 PVC:
~2 inch piece pvc to connect the 45 and the light after reaming the hole to allow the 3/4 piece to slide in the hole.
~6 inch handle piece
Below are averages depending on how big you are because the light needs to hit. you mount the light to the face of the 2466 part by drilling 4 small holes and mounting the light then slip the part together to get the best lengths for you so you can hold the light and have the top slide under your arm and
~ 38-42" piece to go between the top of the 45 degree coupling and up to the tee for the handle
~ 16-20" piece to go out from the other side of the tee to the top end cap

To build this light ck the part 2466. depending on who makes this part there may or may not be a stop on the inside of the 3/4 hole.
I had to ream the hole to allow the 2 " piece of 3/4 to fit inside the hole once done; take the light and mark and drill 4 small holes and screw the light to the fitting. Glue in the 2 inch piece and glue to the 45 elbow and make sure the parts are aligned correctly.

Just stick the parts together and measure for the length that fits you. DO not glue yet until you get the correct lengths.
Stick the bottom 3/4 piece into the tee into the and handle and top part and adjust to fit you so you can swing the part around just off ground level. (Be sure you allow for the glue over lap inside the glue joints.)

Take unit apart then glue the bottom piece into the top of the 45 degree elbow. Cut the end off the light wire leaving lots of extra wire. With your drill motor pick a large enough drill bit to drill a hole above the fitting so the wire can be inserted into the pipe run the wire into the pipe and out the top end. Straighten the wire and tape it to the light on the 45.
Place the handle and glue after running the wire thru the tee, add next section and glue. Take the other end cap and drill a hole thru the end and pass the wire thru it and glue the end cap. Pull the wire over and tape it to the pole. Take some silicone and fill the holes in the pipe where the wire runs thru.

Figure how you will carry the battery. I use a 12 volt deer battery in old shoulder bait bag but have a belt that it will fit in too.
Cut the wire to length and leave several extra feet of wire. Place connectors on ends to fit the battery and attach them. Does not matter which end on pos or neg as light will work which ever ends go where on the battery.

This light at 20 watts will go a long time on the battery vs the larger old style 40 watt academy light which runs out of battery with the light drain.
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By Tomkat07
I have made almost the same thing about 10 years ago. Also used 4" pvc to make a float for a 48q ice chest. It will hold a car battery and a case. The light is made with a cleanout fitting with a 1" handle. Used a 5" car headlight in the end of the cleanout. Siliconed in and has never come loose. If I remember ill post a couple images of it.
With the float the icechest will sit upright with no problem and trail behind you.

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