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By Cruisin_Cuda
i think they've already had this comparison in a thread before but the only difference to me seems to be the storage. the cuda has in hull storage and the slayer does too AFTER you buy the hatch covers. as a native owner i can tell you ALL of the native accessories are expensive and most aren't worth what you pay for them. one reason I'm trying to get back into a cuda!
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By DesertAngler
I recently demo'd a Cuda14 and Slayer14. They are both very stable standing, the slayer is slightly more stable. Fella next to me was maybe 210#, struggled to stand on the cuda, not on the slayer. I'm 165#, and the cuda was very still. Storage and setup is very different. The cuda is more modular/strategic/functional, by which I mean, covered storage, ram mounts, rod stagers, tip covers, tackle notches, center hatch. The slayer is simpler, like a sit on top (self-bailing) canoe, by which i mean massive amounts of storage but only in two major compartments, organization up to the user. The cuda "shows" you where to store things. Lastly I think you will have to rivet anything to the slayer, as the hull is less accessible. The cuda allows rivets/bolts if you desire. I would say most everything else is comparable.

I ordered the cuda, and it should be here within a few weeks.
By tritonboats
[img]I have never paddled or been in a Jackson kayak due to my affiliation with Native so I can only give a one sided opinion. However, I'm 5'10" and 250lbs and used to paddle Malibu Kayaks both the 14' Stealth and 14' XFactor...both of which were very stable and paddled well for a big boy's kayak as well as lots of storage. I have also owned other Native models such as the Ultimate 14.5 and 2-Manta Rays prior to me going into a Slayer 14. The Slayer 14 is a very stable kayak and I love the design and layout of this yak. Both of the Malibu's had plenty of storage which I kept full all of the time with soft plastics, tackle boxes, throw nets, etc. Before I moved into the Slayer, I was concerned regarding dry storage but I do have the front hatch cover as well as the Native Watertrail gear bag for my tackle and rod holders. What I found out was I could get all my gear in the Native Gear Bag just fine and still keep my cast net, etc up in the front hatch. I don't use the small compartment up front for storage because that's where I have my transducer for my FF and battery mounted in the console compartment. I also keep a few small things in the small round day storage compartment behind the seat. I've paddled the Slayer 14 in rough water and high winds as well as in calm conditions and it performed just fine.....I did have some struggle in 25-30MPH conditions this spring but probably shouldn't have been out there anyway!! I also added a Native rudder kit to help with drift fishing and stronger winds and it made a world of difference. On long paddles or in windy conditions, the rudder helps tracking and staying straight a breeze. I wished I had put rudders on some of my other Native's. I, like many others, probably carry way to much stuff on fishing trips as seen in the pictures below, but this 14' Slayer meets and exceeds all my needs perfectly. The one thing I admire the most about any of Native's kayaks is the quality and workmanship that goes into their products. I love the open cockpit area and being able to stand and cast without feeling tippy.

My advice is to demo/paddle both brands of the same length to determine for yourself which you feel more comfortable. While paddling, think of how you would rig each one to meet your needs and really determine how much stuff you really need to take with you on your trip. As you can see in the below picture, I have the Slayer pretty much loaded but still have plenty of room up in the cockpit area for standing and moving around. Even with all my stuff, this boat is alot of fun to paddle and fish out of.
By turf_doc1
I have the 12 foot slayer and some what happy with the boat ...However what you buy is what you get.. I was promised new style scuppers like the native video bragged about, and the salesman nor the rep knows anything about them..
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By Suicide-D
I have the Slayer 12 and rented the Cuda 12. I was originally attracted to the Slayer's open concept. I started taking everything and the kitchen sink out with me. I have been working on minimizing the gear I take now. I added the rudder also and I agree with Triton it made a world of difference. I have only stood in the Slayer a few times. I never stood in the Cuda. I am top heavy at 215# 5'11" and even feel wobbly standing in my Mariner. I'm still developing my sea legs...rent them and fish out of them. I wish I had rented several kayaks before making a purchase instead of renting after I purchased. I would probably be in a PA 12 now...
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By kayakfisher
I just bought a 14' Slayer - absolutely love it. I like the open front hatch. In the years I've been kayaking, I never used the closed front hatch - not even once. I keep my fish bag in the front, and my gear in the back. The seat is unmatched. I read that the Jackson seat had a bar at the top that would annoy some. No such bar on my slayer. I wouldn't change a thing.
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