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By pocfishin
I'm close to buying a new kayak mainly for flat water fishing (Lady Bird Lake, Bastrop) and some coastal fishing via "Mother Ship". I'm having a hard time deciding between the two kayaks. I understand I can't go wrong with either one but looking to hear some opinions on the stability, ride, tracking on these two yaks. Thanks for you're help.
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By RiveRover
I have a Slayer 14 that is absolutely awesome. Fast, tracks well. Had it on Decker last weekend in 25 mph winds and 3 foot rollers from the glitter boats and never got wet! been in a few different Jacksons and they,re O.K. boats I guess.. :lol:
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By Suicide-D
I own the Slayer 12 and had rented the Cuda 12. I can't tell you which one is faster or anything like that because I had them at different times several days apart. The biggest difference between the 2 for me was the front deck and storage. I like the unencumbered deck on the Slayer. I'm not thrilled to have to buy hatch covers for the Slayer if I decide I need them. As of now I don't, everything fits in my crate.

I fish freshwater lakes and may start fishing some rivers. I have no real need to stick rods in the hull of the boat. I did notice that I seemed to get stuff snagged more in the Cuda. I did not like the side rod storage either. That's a formula for lost rods for me. A buddy that fished with me used the Cuda and complained about the seat hurting his back. I didn't notice it when I used it. I'm 215# and he is 250# so that may be a factor. He used my wife's Slayer yesterday and had no complaints after 6 hours of fishing.

You can't beat renting if you have a rental place around you. ACK rents the Slayers and FTU rents both I believe. There are probably many others that rent them as well, those were just the two I dealt with. Both will credit the rental towards the purchase of a boat when you decide.

I like my Slayer so much, I actually enjoyed getting Skunked yesterday???
By dar22
I have the Slayer 12 also and spent 6 hours in it Saturday with no discomfort at all. I'm 50 yrs old. Great boat, extremely open in the main area and dont care to have any dry storage at all. I find it really hard to get in and out of a hatch in the front. I put a crate in back and a small cooler up front and thats it.
By gazn357
Love my Slayer 12'. wind can be a problem, since it sits a little higher in water. I have everthing i need and more in my yak, but still have open cockpit.

nothing out there can touch the seat for comfort. six hrs of fishing no aches and pain for this 50+ person.

looked at Cuda, but did not like layout. with the track system on slayer, you can setup boat anyway you want and never drill a hole on the boat except for ancher trolley.

GPS gives me speed of 2.3 - 2.5 mph when doing normal paddling.

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By FJCruisin
I love both kayaks, but the Slayer's more open layout I feel would be better for me. However, I would get the 14' in either yak for speed. If I was looking for a traditional s.o.t. around 12', I would have to put the Ride 115 into the mix too.

The kayak is still for sale

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