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Thanks to Junkin from another small boat site, who graciously.. and at his own expense...provided me with the aluminum shown below...I was able to totally re-do my kick up skeg rudder.

Like most first time tries at a mod...my original design was fraught with issues. The Wal-Mart cutting board rudder wasn't long enough. Setting the rudder shaft BELOW the stern allowed it to grab, catch and finally break..when I dragged the yak to the shoreline. I learned a lot....for very little money. 

The new design, shown below, also uses a Wal-Mart cutting board for a rudder, but it is shaped like other yak rudders always have been shaped. The kick up section is now mounted on Mike's aluminum and is far stronger. The entire unit rides ABOVE the stern, so nothing extends down to catch and break. The former broom stick shaft has been replaced with electrical PVC which is far stronger, yet flexible to give a bit if I hit anything.

regards, Rich

p.s. please disregard the erroneous date on the photos. It is from a new camera that has a screwy date setting system. But it was cheap and waterproof.




richg99 wrote:...

p.s. please disregard the erroneous date on the photos. It is from a new camera that has a screwy date setting system. But it was cheap and waterproof.


What is the make and model of the camera? I'm looking for a "cheap and waterproof" one that takes decent stills.
I may have over-stated the "waterproof" part, but, since I wear it around my neck on a retractable clipper keeper device, it won't get wet unless I fall in.

I did NOT misstate the CHEAP part though. How about $12.00 shipped?

I've done some R/C plane stuff in the past. On RCGROUPS the guys were buying these keychain cameras and putting them into their planes. Since none of my planes would stay up very long, my keychain camera was just wasting away in a drawer. Yesterday, I attached it to a clipper/retractable device and took it fishing.

Low quality and low price...but...it does take both stills and movies.

I have a lot of learning to do with it. I will report back more as I use it more. I am not positive that the LINK shown below is the exact same camera that I own. They all look alkie and I bought it a year or more ago.

Perusing the RCGROUPS site, I found that there are new, improved HD versions available , too. This LINK might give you more info. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthre ... ovi+camera

regards, Rich

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It is funny how often that same question has come up on the couple of sites where I posted this.

The rudder is made of cutting-board plastic and is pretty heavy on its own. Gravity holds it down enough for my purposes, which is mostly drift fishing along shorelines. I could easily add some weight by drilling through the rudder and melting a couple of sinkers into it. As it is, my paddling speed isn't lifting the rudder at all!

If I was on a river, or anywhere with serious current, then I would use a bungee to add pressure downwards.

The skeg is fastened on each side with bungees, which keeps the rudder centered. I have rudder control lines on each side. They run through a couple of pulleys and terminate in "stoppers" at my seat. A pull or tug turns the yak readily and I can fix that position by pushing the line(s) into the stopper. I could add foot pedals etc. but I don't want to complicate a pretty simple arrangement.

My most common use is to simply adjust for wind drift while fishing a shoreline.

regards, Rich
Fargo..nice to hear from you.....BUT....You ain't seen nothing yet....

You forgot acting. A month or two ago, at the advanced age of 72 years, I auditioned for a part at Playhouse 1960. Somehow, they gave me a big one. the Big Indian in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

Little did I know that in the play the "Big Indian" has 6 LONG monologues and a couple of long dialogues. Sheesh....if I knew that I never would have accepted the part. In the movie, he says about ten words!!

Ha Ha (Big Chief Bromden) here!
regards, Rich

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