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Well after countless hours upon hours of reading the Hobie forums and looking around on here still haven't came up with a good idea yet on installing a good motor. Has anyone else done this or wanting to do this. It would be nice to be able to turn and lift the motor like the bassyaks system just don't think my wife would be ok with me spending another 1000 on the kayak. It's primary use would be to get to and from my fishing spots and use the mirage drive once I got there. Hope someone has a better idea on how to go about doing this.
I purchased a Hobie PA with a trolling motor. It had a large heavy wooden bracket to mount the motor on and it required a battery of about 60 lbs. Had a large saltwater trolling motor. All together that stuff must have weighed over 100 lbs.

Because I fish 99% offshore, I didn't want all that weight on my boat..........those dang PA are heavy enough to upright should you flip.

I spent the $$$ and got the eVolve..................and haven't really regretted it...............motor and battery weight 18 lbs, total and when the motor is mounted in the mirage drive hole, it takes way less room than the mirage drive does.

I have looked and thought about other systems but so far the eVolve suits my needs best.

Your needs may be different, though.
Not to change the subject but, Mythman, you have had to flip your PA over :shock: :shock: ? I hope it was just practice and not the real deal. That had to be a pain! Did you have to climb on the hull like they do sail boats to get the mast out of the water? :)
OrangeQuest wrote:Not to change the subject but, Mythman, you have had to flip your PA over :shock: :shock: ? I hope it was just practice and not the real deal. That had to be a pain! Did you have to climb on the hull like they do sail boats to get the mast out of the water? :)

Well all my flips in the Pro Angler have been in the surf and I either could stand or float just a ways to stand.

And, yes it is a beast to flip back over.............but I don't have a mast on my PA...........you may be thinking about the Adventure Island = "AI".
Budlight592 wrote:Just curious but what did you do with the old trolling motor? Do you still have it? If so would you want to sell it?

I sold it to Fla-Fish (on this board) but I think he has a couple..............you might check with him on whether he still wants it or not...................I don't think he even got it wet.
http://s1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee511/yaker561/ Know it is Different from Your Yak, but here My Invention Bracket for Mounting on My NU14.5 Tandem a 55lbs. Thrust TM.... It is a Blast) You can see the Wooden Transom Mount also still on it just behind My Seat, also on My NU12, this gives easy way to mount a TM on Any Yak) May have Extra of the Metal Brackets for Sale if Anyone Interested ) Enjoy)
Minn Kota Power Drive V2, 55lbs. Thrust, The Steering is all Electronic Pad for Your Feet, it has indivual pads for Right and Left, it also has Momentary Pad to push But also has a Slide Switch for Full time, and also has a Roller 1-10 when on Full time , which is the way I prefer it) Learned to steer by which direction I want the Bow to go because the Steering Pad is set up for Pulling from the Front of a Boat... I can make the Brackets for Yaks if needed, add the wood 2x8 and it is all just a matter of Bolting it together) I will Bolt together the brackets I made for My NU12 and add the 55lbs. Thrust TM to see how it handles tomorrow) With the Power Drive Mounting Bracket that comes with it, all You do is turn one hand srewed bolt and slide it out of the Bracket for taking off of yak) I leave it on for Transport... it is Quick on the turns, and slides thru the water Sweetly)) I figured way to Unlock it once at the lack and added strings to lower it down and then another string to unlock when coming into the shore) The tall shaft works great for Safety Flag) I also fished from the front and steered from the front seat beacuse of the 18 ft cord that comes with the Electronic pad) So for the Same Money of the Bassyak Kit , which I think is way cool , but only 36lbs. thrust , you can have 55lbs. thrust and Electronic Steering from any where in Your Yak.... So why wouldnt a Fello want the More Thrust to get Himself out of Harms way? Be nice to be closer to Texas and Mount these TM for Folks but I am in Ks. so will just be able to make the Brackets if needed) If a Fello can lat a 2x8 on the top of the rear deck and take a sheet of paper and lay it on top of the wood, the down the back side of the yak and make me a template for what he needs to Bolt to the 2x8 I amagine it would work on any yak)) I enjoy using my hands as You can see on Face Book My "Living Stone Carvings"
http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set= ... 2232915521
Let Me know if I can be of any help, Just get the biggest thrust for safety and enjoy ) Thanks
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