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By ClovisMan
Anyone have Scotty's or similar mounted to their Hobie Revolution? I need a rod holder in the front. Would like pics if possible. I'm having a hard time finding a place that would be adequate.
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By Merman
I have a Ram ball mount on the gunnel . I got a smaller back plate . I don't have pics but mine is on the left front by the rudder control . I like that I can remove and only the ball mount stays which is real low profile ...
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By caldvn
I use Ram Rolder holder that has an adapter made for Hobie's sail holder. It plugs into where the sail should go, screws is top of the ball used to tighten the adapter into the sail hole, then mount with your favorite ram type deal. I also have 2 ram rod holders I mounted to the rear next to the flush rod holders.

I found that when I was fishing in seabrook that having rods poke up at 45 degree angle would hit the bridge, so something that can adjust to any angle, direction worked for the best in my situation.

I have 3 below, one used with the adapter pictured under.

By habanerojooz
I have both a Hobie Revolution and an Adventure. Pictured below is my Adventure using RAM mounting products (1.5" balls) for my depthfinder and my rodholder.

If I were to mount these same two items in my Revolution, I'd mount them in the same places.

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By CrazyAl
I mounted 2 of the Ram tubes on the area right behind the seat. I was orginally going to use them for an outrigger, but I realized I can stand up on it anyway so I gave up on the outrigger. The tubes work great as rod holders. I know you said you wanted to mount them up front, just wanted to give my 2 cents. 8)

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