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By 4x4kayak2112
TKF gave me lots of ideas of rigging up my trailer, if it looks like i used your idea...thanks alot!!!! I LOVE MY TRAILER, these pics are a little old, in the last few you can see the supports i added to the paddle holders and upper kayak supports. after my wooden kayaks get done im going to put on my thule saddles too!!!
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By G-Man
Here's mine. Its a Harbor Freight-1090 Lb. Capacity 40-1/2" x 48" Mini Utility Trailer with 12" Four-Lug Wheels and Tires, extended the tongue and added 2 sets of bunkers for 2 kayaks.
dr_love2112 wrote:4X4FOREVER....why do you need a shovel when you go kayaking?

Sometimes a shovel is the best tool in the box. ya know... digging holes for rod holders and fire pits at the beach.
I'd hate to try and get my truck un-stuck with out one. I also carry old carpet pieces, 5gal bucket and a 100feet of tow cable.
Hale, I carry all kinds of crap I never use when I go to the beach, but its nice to know I have it if I need it.
By cheapsk8
dr_love2112 wrote:4X4FOREVER....why do you need a shovel when you go kayaking?

I am not 4X4Forever but I imagine he and many others that drive the beaches often (notice Mythman has one in his trailer as well) carry the shovels to dig themselve out if the get into the soft sand, much easier than using your paddle to dig
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By whatwake
rebuilt trailer
rebuilt trailer
Heres mine. It was a 4X6 frame that was being thrown away. Added a tongue off a old trailer, built the box out pressure treated lumber. The framing for the yak rack is all angle iron.

I just rebuilt the framing. Before the frames where at an angle, I have now made the straight and wider to hold the FnD so its easier to load. I've also made it shorter so I can now see the kayak on top while driving and its also easier to load.
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By 1alextorres
Here is the trailer that I have been working on for a couple of months. The trailer is a 4X12 utility trailer that was given to me by a coworker who got tired of me looking for one to work on. I replaced the boards, new tires, new plate and added the noodles and outdoor carpet to it to help the yak slide onto the trailer easier. The carpet also helps the noodles from tearing up and having to replace them often. We built the rack with electrical 10 gauge strut and it is removeable if I need to use it for other loads besides the yaks. In the last photo is Don "Sisco Kid" who has helped me out when we are not out yaking. Thanks dude :clap: :clap: :clap: .

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Here are a few pics of the latest trailer we built, this one went down to Texas A&M CC. It will hold twenty MR 12' plus gear and anything else you can stuff under the deck.


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