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By SteveRetrieve

Hobie PA 14, Jackson Kraken 13.5 or 15.5, native titan 13.5, hobie revo 13, just off the top of my head. I think feel free has option around 13’ too. I’m sure there are more in that range but there aren’t many that are exactly 14’

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By SWFinatic
There are several that are 13.5 (Hobie Revo 13, PA 14 which is actually 13' 8", Native makes the Titan and Slayer 13.5) and Hobie has the Revo 16. All pedal yaks but none at 14' that I know of.

I believe the Kraken line are paddle yaks.
By SWFinatic
Ken S wrote:Who makes the PA?. Not familiar with the brands.

Hobie makes it. It's their Pro Angler model.
What are you looking for?
By SWFinatic
Ron Mc wrote:Since Hobie Compass and Outback didn't get mentioned, time to mention them.

Nothing wrong with them but to clarify they are both under 13'.
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By Ron Mc
the one thing that hampers our recommendations is not knowing generally how and especially where you plan to use the boat

Kayak is SPF. Thanks!

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