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By 5fangers
Been using the Boonedox Landing Gear for a few weeks now and it's awesome and well worth the money. No more kayak tipping.
The price is the deal breaker for a lot but once you use it a few times you forget about it.
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By Prof. Salt
I love my C-Tug. It has a wheel option for sand, but I really like the original wheels for every other surface and how the whole cart can be folded up and packed in the kayak.
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By Endo
C-tug fan here.

My previous carts were scupper mounts which have the major drawback of having to tilt your yak on its side to mount the cart. Which means you basically have to unload all your gear from your boat to use them.

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By TexasJim
I built a PVC scupper cart, similar to preacher's. If I'm going over rough terrain, ditches, curbs, etc., I tie my bow line to the lowest tube(axle), and tension it, in case of an abrupt stop of the wheels, which would possibly overload the scuppers, and break the plastic hull. Been doing this for six years, with no problems. TexasJim
By WC53
Have the Ctug, but I wish it was 8” wider. On the wide fishing yaks it gets tippy fast on uneven ground.... yup... I use a cedar 2x6 with flat free wheelbarrow tires attached with a 5/8 bolt and a piece of aluminum conduit for a handle. 35” wide, just shove it into the water and pull the yak on top. Some v foam to keep it centered. Rarely need to strap it down. Not much soft sand where I go, would want wider tires for that.
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