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Title kind of says it all. I have Pescador Pedal Pilot Pro and am rigging it out for fishing lakes around north Texas. I am really close to lake Texoma so that will be one of my main stomping grounds. I have experience with a number of different older fish finders on my 19ft Searay but picked up a kayak for easy one person in and out plus of course the exercise. The prices are comparable but I have seen reviews that Humminbird GPS is not all that great and some other complaints that could easily be user issues. I have seen very little negative on the Garmin. I believe both are quality units but wanted to ask here since I just joined TKF.

Nothing to do with your topic and don't mean to ruin your thread, but it seems to be dead (no offense meant). I noticed you said you're near texoma. Im looking for some guidance on where/what to fish on texoma. I'm brand new to the lake. I had some success first thing in the morning near the dam ramp with a shad colored swim jig, but am looking for advice on fishing spots and techniques for texoma. I like chasing all species. I can send a PM if you're interested in helping.


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0U812 wrote:
kickingback wrote:I don't own or know anything about Garmin. Maybe that is why no one chimed in?!
Maybe others didn't want to post with your second comment about everyone looking but not posting.
Sorry but patience is key in this forum.

Wtf? :roll:

Wasn't being mean. Sorry you took it that way. Was pointing out the answer to your question that no one else did. Sorry again. :roll:
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