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By DrKyle1
So the other day I contacted yakima Customer service and asked about replacement parts for my rollers. They have turned to this gooey sticky mess over the years. I never washed them with any chemicals nor did they stay on my vehicles for extended time. I told them that hey were 3-4 years old sent pics and to my surprise the lady said that they were still under warranty ... holy cow she is sending me 2 replacement sets!!! All I can say is wow! Give it a try if your rollers are in the same condition.
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By imaoldmanyoungsalt
I had same experience with a rifle a few years ago. My Winchester model 70 had a synthetic stock with the duratouch finish. It sat in the gun safe for several years. When I took it out to go to the range the finish had turned to "chewing gum". The gun was 12 yes old but when I called browning and they said they would take care of it. I took it to a local service dealer and they replaced it with new walnut stock, no charge. Some company's still do good business!

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By JW FunGuy
Wow I’m going to have to go look at mine! I hardly use them anymore. Thanks for the heads up!

The problem, I believe, is all the polyurethane everyone is using these days. They just fall apart after awhile. Shoe/boot midsoles are the worst and companies won’t stand behind those! I’m glad to hear that Yakima still is.
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