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By Bradleto
My new 2017 Jackson Big Rig. It comes as close to ready to fish as about any kayak I have seen: 3 vertical rod holders, 2 horizontal rod holders with tip protectors, a stand-up bar, several 1/4" 20 inserts for add ons, high/low seat, backpack, built in vertical tray areas for Plano boxes on each side of the seat, front and rear hatches are large, routing for anchor line, rudder lines, dedicated hole to drop a chain anchor, mount-ready for a Micro PowerPole or motor. The list goes on. Brad

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By mike.hamlett
Hey everyone.
I'm Mike.
2017 Diablo paddlesports Amigo.
Picked it up a couple of days ago.
This is my newest. Few things on the way still. Marine mat, yakattack paddle roller holders another fly rod holder, tail drag skid, maybe an anchor system down the road but not sure on that yet.
This thing is crazy stable and runs super skinny water even with my 250 and a full yeti 20. Image

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By cowtown_cobra
OzFnD wrote:G Day,

Thought I would post a link how you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to pimping out a Cobra Fish n Dive.

I wanted a tank that would do everything including

BTB Fishing
Spearfishing or Scuba
Taking the kids

Attached is a link showing my Fnd with all the gear on it at once,

http://i1242.photobucket.com/albums/gg5 ... /Kayak.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

http://i1242.photobucket.com/albums/gg5 ... G_0573.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I have a fish kill n chill bag
Multiple railblaza mounts for different attachments
Minn Kota 30# electric motor
100 Amp Battery
Garmin 300c Fishfinder
C Tug Kayak Trolley
Island Hopper Motor Mount
Windpaddle Sail
Various packs and fishing container storage compartments
Went the extra small round hatch near my seat, plus the big square main hatch
I fitted extra saddle tiedown loops along the the kayak

Please note I dont use all that gear at once as seen in the first picture. Also note in first photo is twin speargun mounts like a gun rack on a quad bike for spear fishing.

When I am BTB fishing, I keep my yak pretty bare and simple plus have everything secured and on leashes.

I am in the process of fitting an anchor trolley, I bought the hobbie kit version.


OzFnD :)
Sweet ride, love the fnd even though mine is showing a lot of age, setups like this make me think about getting a new one

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By raybyrd81
2016 Jackson Kilroy
Love this Kayak
I was kind of torn between this and the Jackson Coosa , ended up going with the Kilroy and haven't been regretful yet. Eventually I would like to get a pedal drive to cover more ground faster, but for the type of trips i do this works perfect for me. Very stable, stand up and sit down easily, very comfortable standing ad fishing, has a stand assist strap that works well, most comfortable seat out there, came with a Thermarest lumber support for the long days on the water. Very strong, well designed, fast, turns on a dime, tracks awesome, and you stay dry out there. Lots of storage space and mounting tracks for all my gear.
Not many mods as of yet, basically just a milk crate, with rod holders, & side bag, cooler that fits inside my crate, 2 track mounted ram rod holders, paddle leash, Humminbird Pirahnamax 160 fish finder, Yak-attack switchblade in water transducer mount, go pro mounts, and i think thats it. I have an anchor but i need to install a anchor trolley or anchor wizard, havent decided on which option yet. Also looking to put a 360 safety light and flag soon, and possible some perimeter lighting for night fishing (for use when anchored only)

Lets here some comments, ideas, thoughts, etc....
By TG05
I just picked this up last Sunday and have only had it on the water once. I'll have to do some real fishing before thinking about rigging.
By Bradleto
I copied my own "Review" from another site, thought it wold be helpful to some kayak anglers here. Below:

First, let me mention that I bought one of these through a program where early subscribers could purchase one ahead of the release at a substantial discount. They retail for $3499 and I think I paid $2399 for mine. Cost wise, the current retail price is, more or less, consistent with other big kayaks, say Hobie PA 12s and PA14s, the Natives and several others.

Is it a kayak? Well, hmm??? It is 13'4" in length, so not any longer than many fishing kayaks, actually sort of average; and, it is 48" wide, so about 6" or so wider than a Native Titan Propel.

Review - - -


1) That extra 6" over the other already widest kayaks? It means with its substantial deck areas (they call them porches) that one can literally walk all over the vessel. It is more stable by leaps and bounds than any kayak or canoe I have ever used;
2) It can be slid straight up on my 2016 Toyota Tacoma's bed. Because it has a slight taper from its widest point to the bow, it fits almost perfectly between the wheel wells. I use a bed extender by choice. No trailer is required unless you just want one;
3) It has built in cart wheels. This is a feature all big kayak-type vessels need and having this as a standard feature? It saves a person money later on;
4) It has an actual swiveling bass seat mounted to a substantial post. This is the highest seat on the market likely by 6" or so. Issues related to standing up or sitting back down? Gone;
5) It has a built in starboard side "rack" for carrying multiple rods, an anchor pole, a paddle;
6) It has a really giant, over-sized rudder that is controlled on both sides of the seat;
7) It has 4 compartments for storing rods in 2 of them, for storing tackle boxes in others;
8) Its tongue weight on the bow end? It surprised me how light it was, easier to move down to the water than any other kayak I have owned;
9) It has holes in the "porches" where one can stab an anchor pole, or multiple anchor poles, down into the mud;
10) It has two built in mounts for power poles on the rear of each hull;
11) and, last, it has a pedal system with many innovative features (it kicks up if it hits something, multiple adjustments, etc.)


1) You sit high, so you catch wind more than from a lower seating in a traditional fishing kayak;
2) It paddles, sure, but it'll be a slow grind. I like standing a paddling better;
3) It isn't very fast, I'd say 3.5 MPH might be maximum speed.

So, more pros than cons. Finally, gosh, it comes with a seat bag, 2 rod holders, a "thingy" to hold your water bottle, tools to work in the "boat," and more.

I'd give it a solid "A" for anything from small pond fishing to large lakes. I'd be hesitant to shoot down a river where you might run into something between the two hulls and get spun around, or worse. Too, it'd be super fishing flats, not so much I suspect offshore. It won "Best in Show" at the ICAST this past summer, so others like it, too. Hope this helps!!!

No, just a retail buyer, no business or financial links to BSB.


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