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By TexaRican
Thought I'd share my install of a ~$50 eBay rudder kit on a Pescador 14. I owned a T140 back in the day and always wanted a rudder for it so I decided to install one on this boat before hitting the water.

The kit didn't come with cables or a rudder bracket. I ordered a wilderness bracket for the old Tarpon from ACK. The rudder pin was a shade too big for it but a little work with the round file took care of that.

What these toe control pedals lack versus the name brand is some type of cable tension fine adjustment. I decided to work with what I had on hand and used weed whacker line for my cables. I had previously sourced poly tubing from Ace hardware and installed them while waiting the 2 weeks for the rudder kit to come from China. None of the mounting holes lined up nor did I expect them to but it was easy enough to fill the old holes and drill new ones. I installed with rivets in the middle and front hole and a stainless wood screw in the far forward hole where I could not run a drill.
Zero instructions with the kit. I trashed the cruddy rope they sent for a retraction line and instead opted for high-VI's paracord. I will probably go back and add a deck loop as a line guide. All in all, I'm pleased with it at least in the garage. First paddle should be Sunday so I will update if there are issues.

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By bigbuzzard
Looks good. Interested in the follow up. I'm partially into installing a rudder on my Ascend. I purchased a similar rudder from Amazon. Got 2 Stainless steel oarlocks also. They are a perfect fit for the pin. Bolted the oarlock to a piece of aluminum angle attached to the kayak with "toggles", nylon, for 1/4" stainless bolts. Trying to figure out a good control system. Ascend FS12T does not have any access to the rear section. Thinking of making a access installing inside. But would really be interested in how your rudder is doing.

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