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By space lord
Thought I'd share my fix for the wobbly single wheel in the keel. I added a dual 7" wheel set up and was able to still retain the single wheel set up. I purchased the solid wheels from Harbor freight and the 1/2" galvanized steel rod, 1/2" pvc pipe, 1/2" pvc caps and the hair pins from Home depot. Its worked out great so far and is very solid. No more yak flopping from side to side when moving the boat around and you can leave it on permanently or remove it before launching. I leave mine on permanently and Have not noticed any negative effect on performance in the water.
By quigly7777
Nice job, I have an 11.5 and considering either this, with 10" Pneumatic wheel or a PVC cart to move the kayak from truck to water. I do find the wheel in the keel a bit unstable.
By quigly7777
Also have an 11.5 and do feel the single wheel is not easy to control. Doing a PVC cart first since I have the parts then may do a dual wheel depending on how the cart works out. Nice job on the dual wheel!
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By Cityfisher
I just acquired the Lure 11.5 a few weeks ago myself. I absolutely love this yak. The single wheel is great for the boat ramp and very short distances but I found hauling it 50 yards through the grass a pain. Only way to do it was to walk backwards holding it with both hands to keep it on the wheel and I had to take a rest a few times doing that. I am really considering doing that to mine but I am concerned about any extra drag on the water. The Lure is already heavy and a little slow as it is. I have a rudder on mine (night and day difference paddling with and without the rudder by the way), do you think it will interfere with the performance of the rudder?

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