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By rayb
I have been away from saltwater fishing a while and plan to get back to it. I will use my Old Town 11 ft. canoe to get on the water. I have two Shimano Sahara 2500 reels, so line weight and recommendations . I have had several kayaks and love them but my routund body can't take sitting flat butted on the bottom so the conoeis what I plan to use for a while till I can swing a yak with a raised seat.
Thanks in advance
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By Neumie
I like braid on my spinning set ups. I throw 10 lbs, but on a smaller reel size than you; so 20-30 lbs braid is what you'd need for that reel size. I'm currently throwing original Power Pro, but I also like Sufix Performance Braid. Windtamer seems to be popular as well.

If you don't want to go the braid route than 12 lbs line is more than sufficient for inshore fishing. I'm a big fan of PLine CX Premium. I've been throwing that line on spinning and baitcasters for 15 years. It's copolymer, so it doesn't have as much stretch as traditional monofilament, has a fluorocarbon coating so it disappears well in the water, it floats, and doesn't have the memory retention like monofilament. Casts well too.
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By Ron Mc
A rare occasion to take exception with Josh.
I strongly recommend 12-lb fluoro (Seaguar Abrazx). Unless your new reel spool is designed for braid, mono loads and fishes better from deeper spools.

You get into a whole gang of issues fishing braid that you bypass with mono/fluoro - and I've gone to braid on everything except loaner reels.
You have to stack different lines to fill your spool - must make sure your spool is properly shimmed - more critical with braid than mono/fluoro.
You first have to attach the braid to the spool (mono to braid knot), then braid knot back to mono/fluoro leader.
What you gain with braid is cast distance, but you don't sacrifice much with good fluoro.

By SWFinatic
Your Sahara's will do great. I have one and love it. I like braid on a spinning reel as long as it's 30 lb test. Anything much smaller and you can have fits with line twist. Also it helps to minimize line twist by manually close the bell after a cast rather reeling to close it. You would be fine with 12 lb mono too. I've used Big Game since early 90's (before switching to braid) and never had any issues with it other than being a mono line. I still use it for a mono leader. Stuff is cheap and tough. I have heard a lot of good feedback on Pline.


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