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By JW FunGuy
I just wanted to say Hi and to thank everyone here for all that they contribute.
I’m not new to kayaking or fishing but I am new to kayak fishing in the salt. I fly fish primarily but I will throw my spinning rod if the situations demands it. So I have been perusing this site for awhile and decided it was about time I actually joined.
Thanks again!
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By kickingback
Welcome! :clap: Glad you're here to share in the fun, or insanity, whichever you call it.

Now where's your first fishing report? I can't wait! :P
By jnd1959
Welcome JW FunGuy. I keep saying I'm going to come down and harass reds with my flyrod some November. Maybe this year.
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By JW FunGuy
Well jnd1959, consider yourself forewarned. Like the guy that got me going said “once you get the taste of salt in your mouth you won’t want to go back to fresh”. I can’t get enough, I wish I did not live 3 hrs away.
And kickingback I’m still exploring it seems more than fishing, no keeper Reds or specs yet but 1 flounder.

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