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By DanSerr
Good morning guys, any suggestions on a good rod under $50? I got the Shimano Sienna spinning reel for sale $26 at academy so now I need a rod to go with it. Mostly for freshwater, might do a little saltwater. From a kayak so looking for something not too long. Thanks in advance!
By TG05
Do you want a 1-piece or 2-piece rod? Fast, medium, or slow tip?

I buy a reel and then try it on assorted rods to see what feels good and balanced. Let the reel pick for you. I have Abu Garcia, Berkley, Fenwick, and Shimano rods matched up to my spinning reels.
By mwatson71
I think you can get an H20 Express rod from Academy for right at $50. I used a Shimano Sienna for years and loved it and had it on an H20 Express Ethos Inshore rod. I used it on kayak, in the surf, and wading. It was a very durable combination.

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