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By Lock
What’s up guys! Recently moved to Padre Island and wondering if there is a meet up section to this website. I’m currently trying to learn the area and get on some fish but sure would love some company and local knowledge. If anyone is down with meeting up and fishing as a group please let me know. Gets lonely by yourself! My name is Ryan.
By Lock
What's up Tombo,

Mostly plan on inshore fishing but would love to hit some offshore rigs if I have company. I am in the Coast Guard so every four years I am learning a new area and species to fish. Have not done too much fishing for reds so really excited for the next couple years. I see people kayak fishing everywhere down here so mostly looking for meet up forums or postings to get to know some other fisherman out here. Think I am heading to bird island boat ramp tomorrow am and then meet the family for kite festival. Currently fishing out of lime green Ocean Kayak Big Game Prowler. See what happens. Thanks for the reply.
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By CowboyFan
I will be relocating to Corpus in about 6 weeks or so. I can not wait to get back into kayak fishing and coastal fishing in general. It would be cool to have a meet up fishing session once I get the move done and am all settled in. Cheers!
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