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Hello, As the title reads I am new to Kayak Fishing in Texas. I have lived in Texas for a little over a year now and I just picked up my New Camo Hobie PA 14, Fishing pole and fishing license yesterday. I was living in Richmond TX and I now live in Palacios. I'm looking forward to hitting the water next weekend. I was told that Matagorda bay has some good fishing, and I have been watching some Youtube videos and it seems true. I have been wanting to go fishing since I moved here from Alaska last year, but I just never had any chances.

A little about me. I have owned 3 kayaks before this Hobie. I first started Kayak Fishing in the Tampa Bay area (Cockroach Bay). I can't remember the first brand of Kayak. I bought it at West Marine. A real cheap crapper. I quickly sold it and bought a Malibu X Factor. I loved that Yak, and have caught a lot of fish on that one. My 3rd Yak was a Hobie Outfitter (Tandem). I gave both of those Yaks to my brother when I moved to Ketchikan (The Salmon Fishing Capital of the World) Alaska 4 years ago. I do know that I loved the Peddles over the Paddles and that's why I went with the Hobie PA. I know there are a lot of shallow areas in these bays, but I really love Peddles.

I'm hoping to find some good people to fish with in this area. I'm not opposed to traveling for some good fishing. I would also like to try some Duck Hunting out of it too. I don't think it will happen this year, but I will shoot for next year for sure. Well, I guess that's about it for now. Feel free to hit me up if you're looking for someone new to fish with.
That Palacios area has a lot of good fishing for a yak and also some alligators. I no longer fish that area since I mostly hit up Rockport to PINS. Thirty years ago in another life that area was a heavy producer for me. Take your time to learn the current bottom information. The area has changed since my last time there but it is an excellent area if you spend the time to talk to folks and take notes of what you find out in the bays. Have fun and good luck.

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