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By charleswilbourn
The high-performance line produced by thermal bonding of small fibers is called thermal filament and has a smaller diameter per pound test than monofilament. Braided lines are a bit thicker and more common for fishing larger species, e.g. fishing for large blue- and yellowfin tuna offshore.
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By Cuervo Jones
Aaaaawwww yeah! Monica!!! Such a naughty intern! Where’s my sea-gar?! Oh wait!! They’re all in the marsh, terrifying kayakers!!!

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By Crusader
Cityfisher wrote:Seriously. One of them things is gonna make me fall out of the yak one day. I know my heart skips a beat.. or two every time they do that!

Once I was fishing a lake (very dirty water) with my buddy. We were paddling to next spot... At some point my paddle spooked a decent size alligator gar (~4-5') which immediately went airborne and hit me in the back of left shoulder. :shock: That was damn unexpected -- nearly fell out of my kayak. Had a bruise on my back where he hit me. My friend said he never saw or heard anything like that (and he is kayaking for about 15 years).

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