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By texastuan
Great forum TKF!
I'm new to freshwater fishing, not new to kayaking. Been a fishing salt waters for most of my life. Now learning how to fish freshwaters. I mostly fish White Rock lake and haven't venture to any other lakes. Would love some company and pointers.
By PlanoVan
Hi texastuan!

I used to live in uptown Dallas and fished off the docks at White Rock a ton. I'm new to kayak fishing as well and have been going to Lake Lavon (as I've since moved to Plano) and find it very easy to get on the water and not crowded at all. For about the past month I have launched at Highland Park ramp.

Best of luck!
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By texastuan
Thanks PlanoVan!

WRL gets very crowded during the weekend and challenging trying to find a parking for my car+trailer.
I recently discovered a spot but haven't tried it....Paddle Point park, Lake Ray Hubbard.

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