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By 05madmax
Guys I'm very new to fishing and to be honest as I read the posts I am not certain I know what all the areas means i.e. fishing the lights in Galveston.

As of right now I have had horrible luck at lake Conroe so thinking to try my luck at least from shore in Galveston. Any tips or areas to explore?

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By fpatino
Google maps to Galveston Bait and Tackle. launch to the left of the trail that goes through the underpass. lights shine at night and trout love structure and lights.
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By mmwaggie
When someone says they are fishing the lights its a very general term. There are not specific lights that everyone is referring to. They can be lights under the causeway (big bridge going to the island) or they can be underwater lights at someone's dock or flood lights at a pier. There are so many different ways to fish the lights. If you are going to do so you should take someone that is familiar with fishing the area at night.
By 05madmax
Yea this got me to thinking about how I fish when it gets darker at lakes from shore. Wonder if using some tripod lights would bring any luck or help to attracting the fish

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By mmwaggie
Some people that fish jetties and some shores will use those lights but they are typically not the traditional home depot tripod lights they are 1000 lumen flood lights.
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By kickingback
You can say that again! Many folks feel that fishing the lights is like shooting fish in a barrel at times and do not partake. Or they have big boats and can't do what we kayakers do. We are blessed. I will fish lights, birds, reefs, structure, my home fish tank or anything if I need to catch good fish in quantity.
By 05madmax
Haha that last piece makes me want to move out to the country and build a pond for days I can't make it to a lake

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