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By ljparton
Hi all,

My name's Logan, I'm a member of NCKA(Norcal Kayak Anglers).

I recently received a job offer in the Houston area, and was considering locating from Sacramento, CA to the Houston Area.

I fish freshwater here for Striped Bass, Sturgeon, and the occasional bass that hits my striper lures.

I also fish the salt for rockfish about twice a year.

I tend to get great advice on all topics on my local forum so figured I'd try here.

I'm very interested in Bay Fishing(Galveston) as I have fished there once before on a business trip and caught a variey of species including Trout, and a small Redfish.

I'm even more interested in BTB fishing. Would love to fish a rig sometime, looks like a blast.

We've been looking at real estate and League City seems like a nice place. Thoughts? Other neighborhoods to recommend?

Likely will rent for a year and then purchase a home for my wife, myself, and my now 6mo old son aka future fishing buddy.

Would like to stay within 45 minutes of good fishing if possible. I much prefer the salt, to be honest.

Any guidance is appreciated.

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By Music Man
Welcome to Texas! League City has many nice areas and good schools. Not sure where you need to be located for your job, but Friendswood and Pearland have very nice areas and schools as well. If being near the 288 corridor is helpful, look at Alvin/Manvel. Lots of new neighborhoods and good schools there. All are close to various bays.
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By Yak-n TX
Welcome! League city is a nice area. I live in pearland myself and that's a great area too. Less than an hour to most bays in the Galveston area.

PM me when you get here and we'll go fish!

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By Yaklash
The Galveston Bay system is the biggest in Texas, the only one that still has a 10-trout bag limit (reportedly because we have the numbers to support it) and offers the widest variety of fishing topographies of anywhere on the Texas coast - marsh, mud/shell, sand flats, beachfront, deep shell, river channels and open bay drifting.

The water will often look dirty and muddy compared to the Pacific or bays you may be used to in California, but that dirty looking water actually has a very good bio-diversity as far as oxygenation and nutrients that support marine life. On the flip side, the northern reaches of Galveston Bay, along with Clear Lake, has a consumption advisory in place. You can only have 8 oz of trout from those waters a month and your wife and child can have none - nada. But this does not apply to Trinity, East or West Galveston Bays, which constitute between them a loooooot of water. The beachfront is also full of trout, Spanish mackerel and reds, the jetties in Galveston and Freeport offer first class fishing and then there is BTB. Not a lot of people will paddle out to the rigs out of Galveston or Freeport, but some do. For that type of fishing, it is a lot shorter paddle to blue water the further you get down the coast. But in our area, you can get all the action your shoulders and arms can handle with sharks and bull reds, as well as the occasional late summer king mackerel or ling that will come in, within a half mile of the beach.
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By lahai1dj
I hope to welcome you to Houston if you choose to come here. I'm familiar with California, I went to UCSD and lived in San Carlos in the SF Bay area--unfortunately I didn't fish much while there.

I think you'll be thrilled with the fishing in the Galveston area. Redfish are so much fun to hunt and catch, flounder are a great way to marry the cerebral with the therapeutic, and trout are a thrill to catch on topwater in the lights!

League City is a great place to be if you want to be near the salt water. Let me know if you do end up moving out here, and we'll rip some lips!
By ljparton

Much appreciate the replies. The Houston area seems like it would be exactly what we're looking for.

The offer I received wasn't what I was looking for, but it definitely sparked our interest in moving to the area. I've wanted to move out of California since 2010 - my wife, not so much.

She's beginning to realize that if we're to afford the lifestyle we'd like to live; ie own a house with 3 bedrooms, in a good school district, and a safe neighborhood then we either need to make a lot more money, or move out of the state.

I make good money working in the tech field, she'll be a RN in about 2.5 years time. Even with the income we'll be making when she finished school, it'll just cut it in our area.

I'm looking around at some jobs in the area, if anyone has recommendations in the technical/electronics field regarding companies I'm all ears.

If I manage to get in the area, we'll have some good times fishing I'm sure.
By Tombo
Welcome, and may I suggest you and your wife rent first. This way you two can find THAT place so you don't have to buy again. Sort of like kayaks, try before you buy.
By Littlebear
Welcome to the area! The Houston area has many large oil and gas/energy companys, ExxonMobil up in the north side. CenterPoint Energy Company is the local utility. I've worked for CNP for 40 years and it's a very stable company as you would guess. I saw League City mentioned as well as Pearland and Friendswood, all on the south side nearer to the bay. I'm in League City myself and I believe it is in the top 100 towns in America! Katy to the west is booming. The Woodlands to the north (Exxon) is booming. Property is cheap compared to most of the country. Come on out!
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