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By texnomad
Due to an unfortunate tailgate accident I have been using a 5'-6" rod while fishing in the yak for a couple of months. It has turned out to be wonderful for the marshes around Rockport, Tx. The action is, of course, not the finest in the world but the shorter length sure seems to be working out for a yak rod. I am giving serious consideration to having my next rod a 5'-6" rod of the proper action. Is anyone else using shorter rods for their yak fishing?
By Oso
Nothing that short. I have 7'ers and one 6'6" rod that is my favorite. My next purchase will likely be 6' rod.
By robjm09
One of my favorite setups is a Pflueger Presidente Ultra lite. It is 5' and one piece. I take that setup everywhere with me. It is so versatile, and I use it constantly. Rods pulled in a 5 lb bass. I have it spooled with 8lb braid and I have caught so many fish. Definitely my favorite spinning combo. Looking at trying to find a quality baitcaster that is shorter than 6'6". If anyone has recommendations please let me know.
By Bradleto
Sure, a short rod has more leverage over a fish, not less. The rod's lifting point is nearer the fulcrum . . . your hand. A five pound fish on the right short rod with enough reel is no issue.

There are, though, two interesting issues: One, is that a short rod is often criticized for kayak fishing because it often can't freely reach around the bow if a fish runs across the front from one side to the other; and, the other issue is casting distance. For the second issue, it is really of no great matter. Few of us power fish from a kayak, certainly not seated so casting distance is not high on our list usually. And, we can often glide in so close to our targets.

I love the idea of having one short rod, 5' to 6' in a med-heavy power, moderate to fast tip, this for fishing for larger species. Under low bridges, too! For crappie down to panfish, the same in an ultralight.

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By texnomad
Since my yak is only 9'5" reaching around the bow is never an issue. A 5' rod does the job easily. Up in creeks in north Alabama is one place it really shines. It ought to be named "limb dodger".
By Tombo
I like the convenience of a short rod and the casting ability of a longer rod. A shorter rod is easier to "pop" a lure, I like a longer rod when fighting a fish. Point is each has its pluses and minuses.
My favorite rod is 7'6" for casting light weedless plastics.

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