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I'm looking at a couple spots, circled on the picture, along Clear Creek in League City. Anyone have any knowledge or thoughts? I'd like to try it out Friday and see how it goes. It looks like it is going to be pretty cool on Friday, plus we are getting a lot of rain this week, might that be an issue if those areas are shallow?

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By Makzym0s
The circle on the right side has a small entrance with what seems like some large pieces of scrap metal submerged under the water. I am assuming it is to keep any larger boats out. I only went in there a short ways and it was mostly shallow (maybe a foot of water) and lots of birds there.
By kody_bud
I would think they would be good places for reds in the winter. Might be all mud if your wading. Be careful

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Last minute change of plans. Went to Seabrook Lagoon instead. Spent most of the time paddling around and checking it out. I'm still getting used to the kayak and fishing from it. At the end I spend tome time near the bridge that leads out to the bay and caught a flounder on a Gulp shrimp. Not the most productive trip in regards to catching fish but it was nice to get out.
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By The Eradicator
The circle on the left is upstream from 270. Everything upstream from 270 has an all species consumption ban due to pollution from the Brio Superfund Site. If I remember right.
I don't eat anything caught around here, I have a lot more concerns than just the Brio site! I was on a dive team and we worked in the area a bit. We always checked water quality and researched any other risks. We wore full dry suits, had instructions not to stir up the bottom, and gave our divers a scrub down BEFORE we took the suits off.

I just catch and release for the fun of it.
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