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The weather is calling for a lot of rain of rate next few days. My question is, what effect will that have on the fish with the cooler water?

I'm guessing that they will go a bit deeper while the surface is cooling. What about the lower salinity levels, is that an issue?
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By redneckyakclub01
I have seen rain change fishing a lot of different ways. Usually the lower pressure that causes the rain will benefit fishing. I like the clouds too,as they seem to prolong shallow and topwater bites that may normally only happen early and late in the day.

The particular rain event that you were asking about is a different thing altogether. Several inches of rain, especially over a good portion of the state sends tremendous amounts of freshwater down to the bays. Salinity and water clarity in back bays, marshes, and those close to river mouths get thrown way off. Trout seem to be affected most and either shut down or leave fresh areas. This can be helpful though if you can find nearby areas that hold their salinity levels. Reds don't seem to mind but you may have to change your presentation to attract them in dirty water. An example might be adding a popping cork above your favorite plastic.

As far as temperature goes, I feel like the drop that occurs after the first few cold fronts makes things easier by concentrating the bait and gamefish.

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