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By scotty2380
I haven't fished in many, many years. When I did it was mostly bay fishing from a pier or wading with a spinning reel with popping cork and plastics. I even fished out of a kayak a few times.
I now live at a private lake and the bug has hit me to get back into fishing again. I'm about to purchase a kayak (pro Angler). I also want to start fishing the bays with the yak.
I am looking to purchase 2 rod/reels. I want a good spinning reel rig and a good baitcast rig. I have a $300 budget for each rig. I have few questions:

Is there a baitcast reel that will work for both fresh and salt water for bass / specs / reds??
When do you use a spinning rig vs a baitcast. My research tells me you want a baitcast for working topwater and spinning for popping corks. Can anyone elaborate please.
I would also like suggestions on rod/reel combos in that $300 price range. I've looked at Lew's and Shimano Curado for baitcast and Shimano Sahara 4000 for spinning.
Thanks in advance
By The Angler
Bass (freshwater) tackle and redfish (saltwater) tackle are virtually the same as far as specs go, but saltwater reels tend to be more corrosion resistant, so buying saltwater gear should cover all the bases.
baitcasters typically shine when you need to make accurate casts e.g., under docks,tight to shorelines, etc.
Spinning reels are great for windy conditions so you can cast against a 15mph wind and not have to worry about backlashes.
You can throw the same lures on both outfits, but if I'm throwing live bait or corks I'd prefer to use my spinning reel.
you can't really go wrong with Shimano's ; they're tough against the salt, have a thick coat of durable paint, and have a really smooth drag which you will be glad to have while fighting a nice red.
I own a curado and it's been good to me. My spinning outfit is a Stradic fj 4000 and its landed plenty of bass, reds, flounder, and specks and every time I break it down I find it really doesn't need much for cleaning and keeps running like it did brand new.
I've heard a lot of good things about Lews too, but don't really have much experience with them so I'll let others chime in.

Hope this helps
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By txspeck
I grew up Bass fishing and all of my reels were the curado types with broomstick rods. When I switched to salt about 15 years ago I used my curados with trout rods but found myself picking out backlashes most of the time. I hated the spinning reels but forced myself to switch over. I can honestly say it been one of the best decisions I made for trout, reds, and flounder. I throw tops 90% of the time so your good with spinning reels. Invest in quality rods. I used all the expensive Shimano spinning reels and my opinion there is hardly any difference from the 100.00 reel vs the 30.00 Shimano sienna reel. I have been using the sienna spinning reels for 5 years with no issues and still use them. Recently, I switched over to Daiwa CBI 2000 Laguna reel, it's a little smaller than the sienna but works just has good. Spool up with wind tamer line 30LB equal to 8LB mono, set your drag lose and you're ready to roll.
By fishing1134
You got some good recommendations already posted.

For baitcaster, I have an Abu Garcia Revo S. Its over 6 years old and I have seen some newer versions - but I have used for surf fishing (saltwate) and freshwater, and it has been holding up relatively well.

Just purchased a steroid baitcaster - Daiwa Lexa 400. Haven't fished it yet - but a buddy pulled 30~40# fish w/out any problems. I think this is an overkill for what you are looking for, but if you're going to expand your saltwater fishing, this might be worth while to look into.

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