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By JimD
As I look around at many of the changes that I have seen in 10 years of kayaking, I realize it is not the same as it was back then. My mentor back in those days was CaptJack (a big kid that never really grew up). Jack is a professional photographer and has had many hobbies and loves over the years that most of us dreamed about as kids but went out and got a job instead. Jacks life is personal so I will put out there is he was one of the original guys to set PACK up among his many loves hobbies or loves over the years and there have been quite a few of them. I thank CaptJack most for taking the time to help me learn about kayaking.

We have more new people on the board now than we have ever had. I have had a lot of good friends come and go. The board has come a long way from 1999 or so when Tom Paid 300$ to buy the site from Richard the original TKF guy. I bought Richard’s original 160 Tarpon and Werner paddle that he sold before he left. I have seen the Board crashed and completely rebuilt 4 or 5 times on different systems. TKFClay is the reason it is where it is today. He has done a great job keeping it up and running.

I am getting old like CaptJack. We are the same age and I have gotten back into my job. I have been a dentist since 1975 but only in the last couple of years has it become fun again with implants and big cosmetic cases. I find myself doing more Continuing Education than fishing and kayaking.

I was reviewing many of my old notes and saves and wanted to once more bring out the two sister sites that I reviewed today and they are vastly different than TKF in where and how they fish for the most part but both sites still have great ARTICLES on about any topic you need for kayaking. I have found some great rigging ideas on the KFS site and their “Do it yourself” forum.

I always dreamed of us having an article section like both of these but they take a lot of time and effort from a lot of people to make it work.



At the fishing show I realized all the changes with the new kayaks and gear . I am getting a little dated. Much as CaptJack stayed with his old Pimlico Sit inside, I probably will always use my old Tarpon 120 and my Tarpon 160. There is no need to for me to change. They do what I need them to when I can find time to get out. They were the best of their time.

I do not plan to give up moderating the three boards but my time is limited and I would like to get a helper or two with Tom’s permission to help me with the boards.

I need some one that is up on the new kayaks and what is valid and what is fluff. The basics will never change. When I started most kayaks were 14 to 16 ft and many had no tank well. I can remember with the first wet butt 12' Drifter came out and TKF Tom’s exploits in it. This started the trend to 12 ft boats and then they slowly lengthen back to somewhere in between where they are today. About that time we had the first versions of the “Anchor Trolley” which had two pulley systems down both sides of the kayak and one version was continuous anchor system completely around the kayak on the old Drifters. Before this system most people used the pad eyes to clip your anchor line to.

I am Philosophical and rambling this morning trying to get this all down because TKF has been a great part of my life the last 12 years. I have had some great times and made some good friends. I want the best for TKF and the three forums that I set up way back when.

I would like to find one or two people that have been around long enough and are knowledgeable in kayaking, fishing, rigging, and the new kayaks and gear out there to help me make the three forums even better.

Here is wishing you as many good times with the friends out kayaking and fishing that I have had over the years.

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