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By Ken S
Thinking about replacing the Mono with Fluoro. What is a good brand? Can it be used for main line and leader? All of my bait casters have braid, and would like to use Fluoro for leaders but my spinning reels have mono and wondering if it's worth it to change out
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By Ron Mc
Seaguar Abrazx is the best buy fluorocarbon, then less-expensive Red Label. Their Tatsu copolymer is spendy.
All of these lines are thin, tough, and have the very best knot strength.

Sufix copolymer has a big fan club on the forum, but I've been sold on Seaguar so long.

There are some popular brands I've tried and wouldn't buy again - nipping is a good test - if they leave stretchy fibrils, they're too soft and whole line may stretch and shrink its diameter on you (extrude) - if they feel rough, they're too brittle and probably not good knot strength.
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By Ken S
Should have mention this will be mostly for fresh water. I also noticed that there are a bunch of "coated" fluoro, is it the same
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By Ron Mc
In general, fluorcarbon and copolymer both sink quicker in fresh water than nylon mono - simply because of density.
Back to Seaguar, their Senshi copolymer is great in light lines - I use the 10-lb for shock tippet on my 6-lb. braid.
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By spiny norman
Another consideration with Fluoro vs Mono is that Mono floats. Fluorocarbon sinks. If you are using Mono on a lightweight lure it can be pulling it to the surface more then you want.
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