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By Czgrand
Hey Everyone,
New member with TKF and wanted to ask a question that I have not been able to get a straight answer on from any fish shop.
I am about to begin fishing past the breakers and even going to the rigs and wanted to know if you recommend spinning reels (ex. Shimano Saragosa SW 6000) or casting reels (Avet LX 6/3 MC lever drag)? I spoke to guides who say only spinning due to the ease, but from what I keep reading, it appears the casting can hold more line and are possibly stronger.
Second question: is there a group of you guys who get together at Surfside and go BTB's and if yes, may I join sometime?

Thanks in advance for your replies
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By Ron Mc
if you're actually casting, spinning reels are usually easier for folks. Baitcasters have advantages casting on the flats, but none specifically casting in bluewater.

If you're trolling lures or bait, conventional reels are definitely better.
One specific problem with spinning reels - if you wind the crank against paying drag, all you do is twist the line.
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By kickingback
For offshore I have at least one spinning rod for jigging and bottom fishing. It is much easier to handle the fish with a spinning reel IMHO. Name brand is fine but is not needed. If you want to spend the money go for it. A good reel is good to find and keep.
My other rods are open face caster like the Ambassador with large handles for the bigger fish.
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By Ron Mc
As far as the cost thing, I'm sold on my Tica reels - they're an incredible buy against comparably-spec'd Shimano.
My oldest has held up in the salt for 7 years, prompting me to buy more.
Tica importer sells on Amazon - the only service i've needed was spare spools, and they were very responsive.
Tica reels are rebranded and sold under many traditional US tackle brands.
By Czgrand
From what I'm reading in these posts, it sounds like I need to invest in a casting reel setup first. My plan was to go past the breakers in Surfside (basically across from Christmas Bay on the surf side) and keep within distance of the shore, and practice trolling.
I plan to invest in a two way radio, flares, and ensure I have a spare paddle setup as well, but I have to admit, I'm nervous about sharks that I keep hearing about. I've seen them in the Bay, but from what I hear, it's a normal occurrence to have them around you while fishing BTB.
Thank you again for your great information. I know you all have years of experience.
By bigfost
I suggest posting this question on the BTB forum. You'll probably get more, and more varied, responses.

Also, that will be the place to arrange trips with other BTB fishermen.
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