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By Nsbjuan
I’ll be kayak fishing in the port Arthur/ bridge city area. Just trying to get set up as best and as possible before I start fishing in my kayak. Looking to see if anyone can share any knowledge or share tips of any kind. Any info on gear, fishing locations, bait, etc. will help. Thanks.
Learn how to self recover in deep water without any of your gear on the boat and learn how to paddle and control your boat correctly. Learn what your limits are slowly, as in baby steps. Don't go out the first time in strong winds or current without going into gentle winds and current first. As your skills increase so will your limits. Open bodies of water that have white caps are a sign that you should be a bank fisherman that day. If you do not have a good comfortable PFD get one and wear it. There are old kayak fisherman and there are bold kayak fisherman but there are no bold old kayak fisherman.
Let someone know your trip plan. time you will be on the water and location. Time you expect to be off the water and if those plans change let that person know of the changes. Enjoy your new sport!
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By Nsbjuan

Thanks for the response. I appreciate the advice and recommendations. I’ll keep all of it in mind. I do plan on focusing more on working on how to properly paddle the first couple times I go out in the water. I also just ordered a new pfd (nrs chinook)better suited for a kayak that should work well. I’m not as wild as I used to be so I did plan on starting slowly and trying to progress slowly without trying to rush it. I have also tried to find a fishing buddy but everyone I know doesn’t prefer to kayak fish so I’ll be at it alone for a while.
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By crusher
Life vest, on sale. One of the most popular pfd's around here.


Rather than open a thread, I guess I'm reviving this one in case anyone is new and not convinced they need a life jacket. Here is one of the best, On Sale. You're welcome.
By Tombo
Your first step is the correct one by putting it our there. The above tool bar has a search function, but be specific.
Would be really cool if you could tag along with some one. If ever in Rockport, send me a PM.

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