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By Ron Mc
JW FunGuy wrote:Nice choice on the cot! I’ve got a Helinox High Cot that I love But they don’t make a canopy for it, I mostly use it in the cap of my truck but you can never have too much bug protection!
How fun, a free shopping spree!

you did well, too - you got the M3 of free-standing cots (possible title for your Moosejaw review) - mine will take a bit more assembling.
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By Ron Mc
I received the Gratis thermarest mesh cot XL - it's really cozy - liked it so much I cashed out the rest of my award gift certificate, reward points, and was still able to use my 20% coupon code - so I added the tent for $130. Never got a deal like this even from sierratradingpost at their best.
I guess now I'm a Moosejaw customer for life.

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By Ron Mc
new cot-tent smoke test - what else you gonna do with 30 degrees and thunderstorms - never seen that before

Cot tent fits me exactly right - I'm 6'3", 210 lbs, 46L. The 4" narrower version wouldn't work at all.
Nice the tent snugly fits the 30"-wide cot making tie-downs superfluous - same tent is sold for the 26" x 77" cot.
You can also pick it up and carry it in this configuration.
Cot takes awhile to put up and take down. Tent zings.
As the OEM photo above shows, there's a rain fly with this. Each cot and tent packs to an 18"x6" burrito, though the tent and fly will squeeze to 2" smaller. If you're light enough to leave out 2 of the cot supports, could get both into 18"x6"
yes, the cat likes it all
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