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By ucfknight02
I'm in the process of getting into a kayak or micro skiff. 14ft or smaller. I initially was looking at pedal kayaks like the Radar or Titan, but now I am interesting in these motored 'yaks' like the solo or rover. I want to have the extended range these class of kayaks offer, I'm coming from a boat. The durability of the rover over the galveston bay oysters concerns me. The long term durability of the solo skiff transom (thick HDPE only?) concerns me....would love to hear peoples opinions or experiences. I haven't seen a Bote Rover out here yet, its intriguing but pricey. And the epoxy construction seems like it wouldn't last after hitting a few reefs on plane.
By hipshot
I have a SoloSkiff and I love it. I don't know enough about the other boats to offer an opinion on them. Another option you might want to consider if you're concerned about shallow obstacles is the Stikboat. I've heard conflicting reviews on it, but one of my fishing buddies is getting one next month. I'm very interested in seeing how it performs and how it holds up over time.

I have hit a few unseen shell reefs and shoals in muddy water and the Solo's transom has held up fine, after over a year. I think it would take a good bit of intentional abuse to compromise it, but that's just my personal opinion.

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