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By safarigene
I have had two previous kayaks, but have never put my son on one with me. I am looking for a new yak that I can use solo most of the time, but will also be able to carry my 4 year old with me from time to time. Looking to keep the price at or under $1K. Stability and an adjustable seat are the top concerns.

I am 6ft and 250lbs and the kiddo is about 40lbs I believe. Most of the time we will be on lakes like Lake Belton, but I have family on the coast, so it will see some salt too.

Boats I had in mind were the Vibe Sea Ghost 13, OK Predator 13 (used), ATAK 120 (used) and mybe the Ascend FS128T. Thoughts on any I am missing?
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By Neumie
What kayaks have you owned in the past? What did you like/dislike about them? Would be helpful to know for recommending a new kayak for you.

However, given your weight I'd strike off the Ascend right away, not enough capacity for you, your gear, and your son.
By safarigene
First one was a 12ft Heritage from Academy. Second was as Ocean Kayak Trident 13. Main thing I learned was that for a longer trip or more time on the water, the adjustable seat is a must for me.
By Tombo
For tandem, I like kayaks such as the Native Ultimate series. Can easily be converted to a solo, and with the sides, keeps dogs and kids inside the kayak. Much easier to keep kids at "arms length" with seat adjustment. Seats are also comfortable.
Its worth a look.
Let us know what you come up with and why.
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By rbdavis3591
safarigene wrote:If it all goes right, looks like I am going to pick up an Old Towne Predator 13 on monday.

Congrats on getting the Predator 13. I enjoyed mine for 3 years but decided to upgrade to the Predator MK.

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