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By Crusader
I bet it is an awesome toy. My biggest concerns (besides weight/etc) is those hatches in the floor (they'll start leaking on you sooner or later) and having complex machinery/electronics exposed to saltwater (i.e. longevity is under question).
By Yak Dog
I like it , I was looking at the solo skiff but haven’t made a move on it . It would be worth looking into their from manor Texas . When you headed out to try it ?
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By chauncey.williams
I am going to the houston boat show tomorrow to get a closer look. I am concerned about the maintenance also due to the saltwater.
By Yak Dog
Yeah , lots of questions here but it’s a nice rig. Keep us posted on what you come up with.
By Tombo
They sell these at Roy's Bait and Tackle in Corpus. Its the first one of its kind to use a motor I recognize, Yamaha four stroke.
They aint cheap.
By junkyard chihuahua
Last new year, we went to one of my wifes dear friends fathers house near Corpus. His neighbor is the guy behind those boats. I brought along a kayak and a soloskiff, so he wanted to talk and tell me about his boat. I was thrilled at the chance to check them out and hear his story. He offered to let me take one out with him, but timing never worked out... :cry:

They are very cool boats. They are not for the faint hearted... You will need above average mechanical skills to maintain one. The powertrain, as I understood it, was a Chinese made copy of a popular Japanese motor. The last morning we were there, as we were drinking coffee on the deck, the mans wife came out and gingerly eased the big powerboat out of his dock and went out to retrieve him from San Luis Pass... I guess he had mechanical trouble and had to get towed back. I hope he gets the bugs worked out. Its a cool as heck design and performer, and a very nice fellow behind them. I wish them all the best, and wish I had the coin to spring for one... :roll:
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