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By KayakBros
Kayak Innovation Survey

This information will not be exposed and is confidential.

What is your age? _______

Gender: M F

How frequently do you kayak?
a. Multiple times a month b. Few times a month c. Every other month d. Rarely

5. How many kayaks do you usually transport on a trip?
a.1 b. 2 c. 3 d. More than 3

6. Do you experience inconvenience transferring the kayak to and from your destination? Y N

7. Have you ever been injured while transporting or deploying your kayak? Y N

If so describe the nature of your injury.

8. Would you be willing to purchase a device that helps minimize inconvenience or injury? Y N

9. How much would you be willing to spend on a product that would solve transfer/travelling issues?

Your results and answers are greatly appreciated and can either be left underneath the post or emailed to cloutdoor.products@gmail.com . Thank you! Merry Christmas!
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By Cuervo Jones
I’ll cut to the chase.
Not interested in purchasing your amazing, revolutionary, space-age kayak lifting device. Lazy attempt at spam. Perhaps the mods will see fit to banish you to the outer realms and delete this crap.

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what system are you fishing?

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