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By chiefmike
Alright guy's been doing a lot of research on kayaks. Thought i had settled on the Presception Pro 120. But the deal fell through. I really like the Vibe Sea Ghost 130. Anybody have any info on these kayaks. They seem to offer the most bang for the buck. They seem to be very stable & track well. Any opinions?
By W.A.
I have one as my first kayak, so I dont really have anything to compare it to. It comes with a lot of extras at a decent price. I have had to tighten up lots of screws and things, but nothing big. Seat is great. Stable for me at 220lb. Took it out to Galveston a few times and did nicely going straight into the wind with the rudder.
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By ThumbzUp
I bought a 130 as my first kayak and LOVE it. As a beginner I'm still kinda wobbly but it's nice and stable - no regrets on this choice. Not too impressed with the stock paddle, too short for me but my new Werner really fits nice.
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By deleon23
It's not bad for the price. Rudder system is sub-par but once again, for the price. Kayak is nice, stable, and comfortable. The side walls where you apply pressure when using the foot pegs for the rudder are really weak. I would suggest trying to stuff some foam or any material you might have to try to stiffen it up some.
Not a professional here , just my experience with mine.
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By Chief Brody
I bought one in September as a gift for Yakke-T - because of weather (that little rain storm we had here in Houston) and some other things, she hasn't had it on the water yet - so I can't help much there.

I can tell you that getting a kayak shipped to you can be an interesting experience. It will come wrapped in several layers of packing material, and you need to unwrap it all to check for shipping damage. We had some on the stern, but it wasn't obvious at first look - just looked like it might have had something heavy placed on it - and Vibe recommended sitting it out in the sun. When I got it in the sun, I realized the damage was more extensive - the stern had been crushed down and in.

Vibe was excellent to deal with - they shipped another boat to me, and I just packed the old one in the same stuff it came in and the shipper took it back to Georgia. Ship happens, and they handled it professionally - no complaints at all - but I recommend (and so does Vibe) that you completely unpack it and check to make sure there is no damage.

Good luck - and when she get's it on the water we will post up some info on the yak.
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By charleswilbourn
Fantastic kayak, especially for the price. The features cannot be beaten. We have ended up with 5 vibe kayaks for our family, and we absolutely love them. Sturdy construction, and very stable. My kids were standing in theirs the first day out. Fishing from them is a breeze. Cannot wait to take them down to Florida in the fall.

The seat s are quite comfortable. Plenty of storage space too. We are novices, brand new to kayaking, but we have had no issues at all in setting up the seats, the rudders and control pedals.that is an excellent source of information.
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By krfish
I've had my SG 130 for a year now, and I'm very impressed with it. For the price it's tough to beat. I can stand easily and it tracks well. Im adding a mod pod 2 to replace the stock console lid. I bought mine from Keith Fussell of Kajun Kayaks. He's out of Louisiana, but he delivers to Texas.

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By fishsaint78
What accessories has anyone done to theirs? I got one for christmas and so far I have an anchor trolley in mind and a paddle clip of some sort. Also, any detailed photos of transducer installs?

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By chiefmike
Well Santa Claus brought me a Vibe Sea Ghost 130 in blue camo, This is an awesome kayak! I have had it out twice since Christmas. Both trip were very successfu, lots of trout. This kayak offers lots of room and is comfortable, dry,stable & fast. It's a little slow to get started for a few strokes but once you get moving this thing moves and tracks straight. Kinda like having a turbo. Gotta get it spooled up then she flies. I think the the slow start is attributed to paddle flex. I think with a more ridged paddle she would have a better holeshot. As far as current upgrades. I have added a anchor trolley system and rear milk crate with rod holders. I also have claw and drift anchor. To do something a little different I removed all the black bungee cord and replaced it with electric blue bungee cord. Looks cool! Unfortunately i don't have pics right now. The kayak is in Rockport. Next time down I will take some pics.
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