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Took out my new to me Pelican Castaway fishing down to Aransas Bay and had a blast. I am hooked now. So is my wife. After see watched me catch a bunch of trout. Started looking at new better kayaks. Looking at the Perception Pescador Pro 120 Or the Acsend FS12T. Anyone have any input good or bad? They will be use to fish only. Looking for stable more than speed. also any input on paddles. Thanks!
I would suggest to try and paddle them before u buy.

I personally like the pescador as its a tarpon 120 a very versital yak cut through water and easy to upgrade
I don't have an acend but a busy of mine does it's a bit more stable but a tad harder to paddle but I can stand up.

Welcome to the addiction!

Let's go fishin.....Coco!
Like I said to my buddy after he bought a kayak: "Now you need a paddle. You can spend $40 dollars to $400 dollars on one."
I recently went paddle shopping, wanting a light replacement for my beginner paddle. Almost all the really light ones(carbon fiber, etc.) were $200-$400. Not in my budget. I did some Internet surfing and found a guy in California that makes extremely light paddles with 3-piece aluminum shafts and ABS plastic blades for just over a hundred bucks! I was skeptical, and read some endorsements and reviews. A competitor in The Texas Water Safari used one of his paddles in that race. Figuring if it will survive that event, it must be pretty stout! I tracked down the guy and he said the paddle did great and he still has it somewhere. Good enough for me!
I contacted the maker, Pacific Designs Paddles and bought a 230 cm with T-1 blades(his smaller blade), which weighs 29 ounces, and feathers for $113.00! He mailed it for $14. I love it, have done push-offs that I would never do with a $400 carbon fiber paddle, and it's like new. He will make them in any length, two blade sizes, and is very easy to deal with.
My neighbor bought a carbon fiber paddle fairly cheap at Academy, but it looks really fragile.

I have a Perception Pescador 12, which I love. It's light and tippy, but fast and manuverable. I'm not a fan of many of the Pescador Pro 12 "improvements". I've never been in an Ascend, but they sell a lot of them at Bass Pro.
Good luck, TexasJim, and hi to Z_Man!
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