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By Kevin Jay
For those of you that pull your kayak on a trailer. Do you cover it? If so, with what?
Actually, this is a question for anyone who hauls their kayak on a trailer, truck bed, etc..
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By kickingback
I use a HF trailer with two 4" PVC running the length and I never cover mine. I keep mine in the garage so no need to cover. If I left it outside then I would cover it with a tarp to prevent the sun from causing damage.
By Part-time gypsy
I haul my boats either with a 10' utility trailer or my truck and use a TracRac which interchanges between either. If I'm taking a sit-in (touring), I'll use a cockpit cover. I also have a Commander 120 that I'll cover if rain is probable. Other than those situations, I don't cover any of my boats in transport. Just like kickingback, my boats are stored indoors...if stored outdoors, I'd definitely cover/shelter to prevent UV damage.
By NickChauvin
I haven't hauled my kayak. But recently, I got some helpful hints when my friend transported his kayak through a shipping company. The shippers had used a travel trailer, loaded the kayak and placed it directly on the crossbars upside down and secured it with hand-tightened tie down straps. After which they packaged and cover it as it was an open transport. I then understood that covering it properly can secure the kayak from scratches and damage to its body.
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By charleswilbourn
The ease of getting your canoe or kayak from the garage to the water is one of the big draws to the sport. There are three basic approaches: throw it on the roof, plop it in the bed of a truck or trailer it behind your vehicle just like a powerboat. Here are some tips to make sure you pick the right option.
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By Crusader
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what system are you fishing?

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