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By codyvette
Well, despite all I read about testing every kayak out there before buying one, I skipped it and bought a Native Titan. I had only been on a paddle Ocean yak before and thought I would never give up on power boat fishing. I am 6'2" and we'll say 230ish. LOL. I knew I wanted a stable boat and also one I could put a back seat on for my fishing buddy. While we won't fish out of the boat together we will cross cuts and marshes to get to banks to fish. We went on a small trip close to the boat ramp just for a test run and some fast dead shrimp catches. Sunday morning rolled around and I just happened to spring awake at 5AM sssooo why not. I headed out for my first solo run with the boat and man is it awesome. I can unload it by myself from the bed of my truck and scoot it across the sand with no issue (empty of course). I can get in and out and stand and sit and turn around all with great ease. Propulsion is just about like ride a bike at a leasurley pace and steering is tight. To top it off, the morning brought a half dozen 20+"(1 25" catch and release of course) :) specks, two nice flounder, and countless other trout. It was AWESOME and this boat rocks.
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